Offices, Retail, Restaurants and Automobile Dealerships

Office and Institutional Facilities

Since the inception of the firm, Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture has designed numerous office environments for corporate offices, medical administrations, government ministries and executive clients. The firm has designed various scales of office buildings, ranging from new high-rise office buildings to upgrades of small office spaces.  Efficiency of space, matters of privacy, and coordination of telecommunications and electrical systems are essentials of good office design.

Retail and Restaurants

At any given time, it has been noticed that Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture is currently working on at least one retail or restaurant project.  This commercial and assembly type project has specific life/safety requirements which the firm is well aware of.  Washrooms, exit width capacity, and occupant load are constantly assessed to determine the freedom of design.  Primarily, the firm has completed numerous interior renovations to existing facilities which include an in-depth understanding of food services and technical kitchen design requirements so that food storage, preparation, washing, cooking, and servery areas are all well laid out in an efficient manner.  The principals of the firm have all worked on restaurant and retail projects including projects which have been published by Canadian Architect.  The firm is also familiar with the on-going renewal of corporate image associated with chain restaurants and works closely with the restaurant’s chief designer during building up-grades.  Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture have been associated with numerous commercial kitchens and are well experienced to assist the client with their specific needs.

Car Dealerships

Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture has provided the North Bay area with the most extensive experience associated with Car Dealerships on either renovations, additions, or new facilities.  The firm’s portfolio of projects in this building type is very current including both foreign and North American companies.  The principals are very familiar with the corporate image requirements as well as the approval processes necessary with the chief designer from schematic design through to final construction documents.  Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture are well experienced with the co-ordination of engineers for the industrial garage technical requirements as well as detailing of showrooms, room finish schedules, and corporate signage co-ordination.

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