Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture has extensive experience in the design and construction of health care facilities, including medical administration facilities, long-term residential care, clinics and hospitals.  Past projects include large and small facilities with the scope of work ranging from new complexes to smaller renovations and additions.  The research and expertise needed for these projects have offered the firm a wealth of knowledge in designing for the specialized needs of challenged individuals.

Focused on Improving the Architecture of Healthcare in Northern Ontario

Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture recognize that healthcare has become a field where technological advances occur daily, where it is vital to stay abreast of new developments, both in medical treatments and in the design and construction of related facilities.

Jim Evans and Brian Bertrand have recently toured the most current leading-edge healthcare facilities in North America with similar environmental climates as North Bay.  The best and ‘not so best’ areas were studied and analyzed with the intent of application in Northern Ontario.  In 2002 and again in 2003, Brian Bertrand was invited to speak on the topics of ‘Innovative Health Care Design’ and ‘Patient Focused Care and the Healing Environment’ in a two International Healthcare Symposiums held in Miami, Florida.

Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture is committed to maintaining its position as the leading experts in healthcare facilities for Northern Ontario.

Long Term Care Facilities

Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture is very familiar with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care requirements for long term care facilities.  The firm not only designed the first long term facility in North Bay, it has also provided services in outlying areas of Northern Ontario particularly in Sturgeon Falls with the evolving Au Chateau.

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